Monday, 5 August 2013

Priya and Netraa

1) What does SARs experience tell you about the Singapore community a decade ago?
Before the SARs incident, Singapore took everything for granted. During the SARs they suffered alot but in the end they managed to overcome the SARs by fighting against it together. So from then on they learnt to not take everything for granted.

2) Identify the values that guided the actions that were made in the welfare of others during the
SARs experience?
Harmony and Determination

3)Why is it important for you to be concerned about and involved in the challenges Singapore faces?
When Singapore faces a particular circumtance, we as citizens should be involved in overcoming the challenges as it is our duty.

4) As an active and concerned member of the society, describe one way you can contribute to
keeping the Singapore Spirit alive in times of peace and stability?
I could ensure that I do not make any racist comments against other races and religions.

- PriyA and Netraa

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