Monday, 5 August 2013

National Day Reflections 2013 CE

Done by: Ian & Wai Yan

Q1) What does the SARs experience tell you about the Singapore community a decade ago?
1) We were a very strong, connected, caring Nation even though the SARS Virus hit us hard, we managed to hold firm and strong and overcome that challenge at that time.

Q2) Identify the values that guided the actions that were made in the welfare of others during the
SARs experience.
2) Values like caring, kindness, love, sense of nationality, patience, friendship, courage, and sympathy.

Q3) Why is it important for you to be concerned about and involved in the challenges Singaporefaces?
3) As we all live in Singapore, we are required to treat it as our home and take care of it. This being said, it demands our participation and help when required in case of emergencies. Knowing what are the current events happening in Singapore help us to receive the news faster which lets us help faster if needed.

Q4) As an active and concerned member of the society, describe one way you can contribute to
keeping the Singapore Spirit alive in times of peace and stability.
4) I can be a active and concerned member of society as well as a citizen of Singapore, I can show much more kindness when interacting with others. I can also take part in the community efforts organized by our government in any form to maintain kampong-like bondage within our community.

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