Monday, 5 August 2013

National Day 2013 Reflections- Reuben, Luke and Zhen Haw

1) What does the SARs experience tell you about the Singapore community a decade ago?
The SARS experience tells us that Singaporeans are capable of working together as a team, developing social skills, teamwork, helping the needy that were infected with the SARS virus, where many others had given up hope, the doctors strived through all of the hopelessness and the selfishness in the world and helped develop the cure.

2) Identify the values that guided the actions that were made in the welfare of others during the SARs experience.
Selflessness as hard working doctors worked day and night and risked their lives to help the poor, defenseless people that had contracted the Sever Acute Respiratory Syndrome.
Commitment as the doctors worked day and night, forgoing sleep for many long hours of the day, striving to develop the cure for the epidemic at the time, SARS.

3) Why is it important for you to be concerned about and involved in the challenges Singapore faces?It is important for us to be concerned about and involved in the challenges Singapore faces as we are all living under the same roof, the nation we know now as Singapore,  we have to help each other out in our dire times, to make living together passionate and enjoyable for everyone, that is the importance of being involved in the challenges Singapore faces.

4) As an active and concerned member of the society, describe one way you can contribute to
keeping the Singapore Spirit alive in times of peace and stability.
We can share with our friends on the status of the virus and research on the possible ways to solve this crisis.

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