Monday, 5 August 2013

National Day 2013 Reflections

Ethan Ng

1. What does the SARS experience tell you about the Singaporean community a decade ago?

The SARS experience tells us that a decade ago, Singaporeans were also tightly knit together, with doctors and nurses risking their personal health to continue nursing the weak and sick, and groups of people spending time to gather and make tea for the ill.

2. Identify the values that guided the actions that were made in the welfare of other during the SARS experience?

Selflessness, courage, determination, dedication.

3. Why is it important for you to be concerned about and involved in the challenges Singapore faces?

It is important as Singapore is a nation that is ours, and thus it is only right that we are involved in them, as in the end such challenges would affect us.

4. As an active and concerned member of the society, describe one way you can contribute to keeping the Singapore Spirit alive in times on peace and stability.

Every small move to keep the nation together counts, be it doing things like organizing community events or simply taking part in them. Doing things like what those people were dong during the SARS period would also help us keep the spirit alive.

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