Monday, 5 August 2013


Discussion Questions:
1) What does the SARs experience tell you about the Singapore community a decade ago?
[Point of View]
2) Identify the values that guided the actions that were made in the welfare of others during the
SARs experience. [Inferences]
3) Why is it important for you to be concerned about and involved in the challenges Singaporeaces? [Question at Issue]
4) As an active and concerned member of the society, describe one way you can contribute to
keeping the Singapore Spirit alive in times of peace and stability. [End View]
  1. It tells us that Singapore was a very united community
  2. Values - Caring, Courage, Responsibility
  3. As a Singaporean, you will know what to do when there's another outbreak/ major occurence, and we can work together and help Singapore
  4. Pay attention in NE class, spread national values of Singapore to other countries, uphold racial harmony

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