Wednesday, 9 January 2013

090113 Homework

For Chinese students:

- CL composition thing. Use the phrases teacher posted on the CL Blog ( to form a compo/story.
-Learn spelling. To be tested next week

-Visit the math blog and answer the questions.
- Do Tier B qn 5, 6, Tier C qn 1, 2. Pages 7-9

-Comment on the english post about the difference between informal & formal letters.

Go to the link & each student is suppose to select a brand & answer the question: "How does your selected brand evolved from a product to understand it's customers?"

-Finish up ADMT homework as listed yesterday by Friday.

Do pre-test here:

Update the blog by next IRS lesson.

Ps. I'm updating again as Ethan had some problems accessing the blog. I'll help him with that tomorrow and to all S2-05 friends, please check the Facebook group for the fastest updates.

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