Tuesday, 8 January 2013

080113 Homework


-Complete 150 words essay (You should have already done it)
-Download Evernote
-Join the "2013 ADMT S2-05" Google+ Group
-Complete the 6 frame storyboard, for more information you can go to the Google+ group and download the instructions file.

-Look through the notes and go to link on Page 2.
-Go to Googlesite, click on the science section, under 2013 Communication Science, click overview & scroll down to the end of the page to do the pre quiz

-Go to the Math Blog and click on the "Algebraic Fractional Manipulation & Change of Subject" tab and comment on the post.

-Update your IRS blog

-SST is organizing "Project Needy Care" and would like people to participate. For more information or registration, please check your SST email account.

Ps. I'm only updating since Ethan's CCA ends late. Anyway have a good day~

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